Image: Tutu by Danielle Martin, May-Li Khoe, and Benjamin Cramer

The 3D-Printed tutu is an experimental new take on a nearly 200-year-old tradition, using nascent materials and processes. The project was inspired by forms of nature, as well as the team’s desire to investigate the surprising material properties of 3D printed nylon: delicacy, springiness, and flexibility – and the potential to impact the wearer’s movement. The tutu was created by programmatically generating branches from selected points in the hip area of a dancer’s 3D body scan.

Danielle Martin is the co-designer of Canadian fashion duo MARTIN LIM starts a new adventure of exploration in 3D printing for the fashion field. Before launching Martin Lim brand in 2010, Danielle Martin won prestigious national and international awards (including Mercedez-Bens StarUp, GenArt Style International Competition, Smirnoff Fashion Award, Fondation de la mode de Montréal) and gained a valuable experience while working with internationally renowned designers, such as Christian Lacroix and Roland Mouret. She has graduated from the M.A. in Fashion Womenswear from the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, in London.

May-Li Khoe likes designing and making things: software + hardware, stuff to wear, dance parties, choreographies, photos, food, experiences… She will do everything possible for those things to be beautiful, easy to use, delightful, and fun to play with. She is most passionate about experimenting at the intersection of design, engineering, and art, which she did most recently at Apple, and is now doing at the Khan Academy.

Ben Cramer, currently a graduate student at NYU's Gallatin School, founded Art in Your Space based on his own experience as a high school dropout, to provide alternative paths into the workforce for kids who the traditional school system has let down. Prior to founding Art in Your Space, Ben worked with young adults to find jobs for over five years and started this program for teens out of frustration with the lack of opportunities for students to apply learning outside of the classroom. He is passionate about connecting creative professionals with young people to create works of art that incorporate technology.